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The ancient Mali empire rose from a province of Ghana. The mining of Gold brought wealth to west Africa in the 12th and 13th century. Gold was traded to North Africa and eventually to Europe. Salt and spices were trade from the Tauregs in North Africa for Gold in west Africa. The Tauregs invaded the Mali empire which led to the rise of the Songhai empire after. West Africa  (a few centuries) later colonized by France and Mali gained independence in 1960. Mali is landlocked and much poorer today.

Mali is 88% Muslim. The population growth in Muslim families has surpassed the growth of Christianity. Mali remains one of the poorest countries in the world and much help is needed here. Only a few ethnic groups are more than 1% evangelical. There is a low literacy rate in Mali.

Praise God for the student ministries here. Praise God for the schools in Mali run by Christians. Pray that the student ministries would bear much fruit in Mali. Pray for creative ways to share bible stories orally so that people may hear. Pray that the Christian schools help  the young people learn how to read.

Chennai India Flooding


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As parts of India and South Asia did not receive the amount of rain expected during the Summer monsoon season, it is quite unusual to get this much rain this late on the year. Right now is more the dry season where the Subtropical High dominates bringing dry weather to South Asia. Chennai, India has been the hardest hit area in November where 25-30 inches of rain has fallen where typically gets 8-12 inches in the month of November. Bangalore, Kochi, and other areas of southern India have also received heavy rain this month.

Praise God for ministries providing food, water, and medical relief to those in need. Praise God for those that put their faith in Jesus in Chennai, India. Pray that through relief efforts, God would give opportunities share the Gospel with Hindus and Muslims. Pray that God opens doors to share the gospel to the hardest hit areas of flooding.


France and Paris


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The Pyrenees Mountains mark the border with Spain to the southwest. The Mediterranean sea to the south provides access to ports and the sea. The Alps are located to the east. A tunnel connecting France and England in the English Channel was completed in 1994. The Atlantic Ocean is to the northwest.

France has become increasingly secular and belief in God is less and less. Many French including university students long to know Jesus. Students from many countries attend public schools in France including universities. There is many opportunities to reach young people with the gospel.

The recent attack at a concert, stadium, and restaurants last Friday is heartbreaking. Let’s all be praying for the loved ones of those that lost their life Friday night November 13, 2015.


Praise God for the strength of the French people. Praise God for the faith of believers in France. Pray that churches to reach the French people with gospel. Pray for campus ministries at high schools and colleges to build relationships with students and international students. Pray for Christians to reach Muslims as well.


Pray for the family members of loved ones.

Europe’s Migration Crisis


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The majority of Muslim migration to Europe started over 25 years ago. From 1960 to today, the decline in the church began as people have sought short-term ways of fulfillment. Europe remains the only continent where Christianity is in decline. Churches still exist across many cities from Spain to Sweden.

In the past few months, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany and other European countries have been overwhelmed with the migrants from Syria and Iraq. England and France have accepted migrants as well. The migrants had to make it safely through The Balkans to get to their destination.

Some churches have excluded foreigners. Some countries have stopped accepting migrants. This is not good because as we see in the bible, members of all countries, ethnic groups, and languages will worship Jesus at the end of the Great Commission.

The mass migration of people are leaving Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other countries because of war, poverty, and displacement.

Praise God for the churches that remain in Europe. Praise God for the missionaries that have been sent to different parts of Europe. Pray for Wisdom for churches in France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, the UK, in how they may serve migrants that are traveling through. Pray for these churches to build strong relationships with foreigners so that they may repent and become mature followers of Jesus Christ.



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It is quite rare for cyclones to reach hurricane strength in the Arabian Sea. Both Cyclone Chapala and Cyclone Megh made landfall in Yemen recently. Cyclone Chapala had 155 mph winds at its peak. Cyclone Chapala passed north of Socotra Island before making landfall just west of Al Mukalla, Yemen.  Cyclone Chapala made landfall on November 3, 2015 as an equivalent category 1 hurricane. Cyclone Megh made landfall on Socotra Island on November 9 as an equivalent category 3 hurricane before making a second landfall on November 10, 2015 as a tropical storm. Dry air from the desert weakened these storms before making landfall in Yemen. There a few reasons this is significant. The dry sandy soil and poor infrastructure can’t handle so much rain and wind in a short period of time. It is rare for cyclones to get this strong in the Arabian Sea and for 2 cyclones to make landfall in Yemen in a week in one season unheard of. Al Mukalla, Yemen is controlled by Al Qaeda.

Yemen is ranked #14 by Open Doors for how Christians are persecuted around the world. There are Christian believers in Yemen but they meet in secret. Evangelism is forbidden in Yemen. Praise God for the faith of believers in Yemen. Praise God for what he is doing in Yemen. Pray that God softens the hearts of members of Al Qaeda and Muslims in Yemen so that they may repent of their sin. Pray that bible studies will be started near major cities and universities.



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The Rakhine Mountain range acts as a climatic barrier between the Indian Subcontinent and Central Myanmar. The Irawaddy River descends out of the mountains of India and China. The majority of the population is Buddhist.

Christians were excluded from Myanmar’s national election last week. Christians have often been denied basic rights. Some Christian groups are displaced within Myanmar.

The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic group that descended from the Muslims that moved through South Asia in the 12th and 13th century. The Buddhists in Myanmar have persecuted the Rohingya as well. The Rohingya have left Myanmar by the thousands in 2015 but the people in Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia don’t want them. Only a few Christian believers exist in the Rohingya ethnic group and most have never heard the gospel.

Praise God for the faith of believers in Myanmar. Pray that God strengths the faith of Christians in Myanmar. Pray that Christians in Thailand and Southeast Asia get sent to Myanmar to witness the gospel to Buddhists and the Rohingya Muslims.



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Once owned by the Dutch and later, the British, Indonesia gained independence in 1945. Indonesia spans from the eastern point of the Indian Ocean to the West Pacific. The main islands are Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Borneo (which is also shared by Malaysia and Brunei), and Papua (which is shared by Papua New Guinea). Most of the territory is near the Equator. Many smaller islands exist.

Indonesia has the largest muslim population at over 200 million. Most have never heard the gospel. Some of the ethnic groups on the smaller islands don’t have the bible in their language.

It’s hard to be a Christian here as persecution is on the rise. Sharia Law was recently declared in Aceh Province in northern Sumatra. Muslims in Aceh Province and in other parts of Indonesia have demanded the government to deny permits to build churches and tear down the churches that already exist. Despite this, the Church in Indonesia continues to grow and people come to accept Jesus every day.

El Nino has started which causes cooler waters on the West Pacific and drought is taking place in Southeast Asia. Wildfires have been purposely set by corporations in the Palm oil industry. They want to make plantations to support the production of Palm oil. This could lead to hundreds more people living under $2 a day. Singapore and Malaysia have told Indonesia to do something.

Pray for businesses to be held accountable for their corruption. Pray for people to be rescued from slavery and conditions under $2 a day.

Praise God for the growth of the church in Indonesia. Praise God for those that have put their faith in Jesus. Praise God for those that live their lives for Jesus Christ. Pray for more bible translators to be sent to the smaller islands of Indonesia. Pray for bible studies and fellowships to start and thrive near universities. Pray for leaders to be raised up to lead new believers.

Uncontacted Tribes


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God promised that there will be people represented from every ethnic group in Heaven.

This is an article about the ethnic group from Joshua Project that mentions this uncontacted tribe. The Sentinel live on the North Adaman Island. The Sentinel don’t allow any visitors in. After the tsunami in 2004 when the Indian government went to check on them, men came out with arrows.

The majority of uncontacted tribes live in the forests of Brazil and Peru. They don’t have the bible in their language. Christians must be careful making initial contact because of disease and other issues.

Pray that God softens the hearts of the Sentinel in India and the tribes in Brazil and Peru. Pray that the governments of Brazil and Peru block the forestry and mining industries from exploiting the land where these tribes live. Praise God for the his word in the bible. Praise God for Christian missionaries already doing the work overseas. Pray for discernment and bible translators to be sent out.



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Outreach and evangelism to the Hui Muslims has increased. Although some Muslims have repented and accepted Jesus, the lack of leadership remains in seeing a breakthrough in this ethnic group.

Pray for leaders to be raised up among the Hui to lead new Hui believers and witness to Muslims there.

Christian Persecution has increased greatly in Eastern China. The Chinese government hasn’t stopped Christians from meeting in worship. After more crosses taken off of churches and other churches have been destroyed, Han Chinese Christians have made their own crosses and held secret bible studies inside their homes. It has been great to see churches in Eastern China send Chinese missionaries to inland China. Some towns and cities experienced churches being started and more Han Chinese accepting Christ. The Chinese government hasn’t stopped Christians from worshipping and studying the Bible.

Praise God for the growth of the Chinese Churches and faith of believers. Pray that bibles in Chinese will continue to be distributed through inland China.

More Buddhists have left Buddhism for Christianity. Buddhist families in Tibet have offered money to them to return to Buddhism but they declined. They have been excommunicated from their families. Secret bible studies have started inside Lhasa and throughout Tibet. The church in Tibet is still small and outreach to all Buddhist ethnic groups is needed.

Praise God for the Church in Tibet. Praise God for the faith of believers in Tibet despite the persecution there. Pray the Tibetan Churches to send missionaries to other Buddhist ethnic groups in Tibet and central China. Pray for churches and bible studies to be started there as well.



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Russia spans from the Eastern Europe to Siberia. The Czars ruled Russia from the 12th century to just before World War I. Russia left the War because a revolution started. The communists promised a better economy and jobs. It was prohibited to follow any religion during communist rule. The fall of the Berlin Wall and Communism brought an open door to the gospel to Russia and Eastern Europe. Still problems remain to church growth among Russians and other ethnic groups.

Outreach and evangelism is needed in the Caucasus Mountains. The Caucasus Mountain range run from Turkey to Russia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Russian provinces of Muslim dominance include North Ossetia, Dagestan, and Chechnya.

Small and mid-sized ethnic groups in Siberia in Eastern Russia don’t know Jesus because they don’t have the bible in their language. Bible translation is needed in Siberia so that these peoples can experience joy in believing Jesus.

Praise God for the growth of the church in Russia. Pray for Russian Churches to be committed to the Bible and to not stray away from God. Praise God for the faith of believers in Russia. Pray for Russian Christians to build relationships with foreigners. Pray for Russian Churches to send missionaries to North Ossetia, Dagestan, and Chechnya. Pray for churches to be planted in this Muslim region soon. Pray for Bible Translation organizations to send teams to Siberia to live among those without scripture in their language.