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Bahrain is comprised of islands to the east of Saudi Arabia. Formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, the UK gained Administrative Control over Bahrain in 1918. Bahrain gained independence in 1971. By improving the Diplomacy between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, a bridge was finished connecting the two nations in 1986. The bridge between the two nations is called the King Fahd Causeway.

Bahrain enjoys more freedoms than most of the Middle East.

Bahrain was the first to discover oil in the Middle East and will be the first to deplete it.

As the Arab Spring spread across the Middle East, the people of Bahrain in 2011 requested an end of the persecution of Shi’a Muslims by the Sunni Royal family. Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates sent troops to crush the protests.

Although Bahrain allows foreign expatriates to meet in churches, proselytizing to Muslims is forbidden. There are some Muslims who sought out the Bible and Christian literature on the internet.

Praise God for the freedoms in Bahrain. Praise God for allowing to meet in church. Pray for Bibles and Christian literature to be distributed in Bahrain. Pray that foreign expatriate Believers to share the gospel with people they work with and government leaders as well. Pray that Christians may be a light for the gospel in Bahrain. Pray for fellowships to be started among the Arabs soon.