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Somalia is on the east coast of Africa. Djibouti borders Somalia on the north, Ethiopia to the west, and Kenya to the south. Yemen is on the other side of the sea. Somalia has 2 parts, Somaliland which is the northern half, and puntland which is the southern half. Somaliland is more stable and has more freedoms than puntland. Puntland has had much war, violence, and people wanting more power. Somalia is known to be the most failed state in the world due to instability. The terrorist group Al-shabaab has made attacks in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

Praise God for the few Christians that are in Somalia. Praise God for the Christians that meet together in secret. Pray for Christian believers to grow in their faith. Pray for Somali believers to share ther their faith with their families. Pray that members of Al-Shabab hear the gospel and repent. Praise God for the forgiveness of persecuted Christians in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.