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Libya was controlled by Italy during World War II and got independence  in 1951. The Arab Spring left many Muslims wanting stability and some seeking Jesus. Libya is a failed state as a result of taking Muammar Gaddafi out of power. Taking him out of power has resulted in different groups controlling areas of Libya. Not one group controls a majority of Libya. ISIS now controls 160 miles of coastline of Libya and is gaining ground.

There’s more on praying for Libya in the link below. (just a reference though)

Pray for Libya: Monday, February 15th

Praise God for people in ministry near universities. Pray for the people that are reading the Bible but haven’t come to belief yet. Pray for peace.

The Tauregs and Berbers remain unreached by the gospel. The Berbers have a complete bible in their language. The Tauregs have portions of the Bible in their language. Pray for churches to be started among the Berbers in Libya. Pray for the bible to be completed in the Taureg language. Since some of the Tauregs have joined Al Qaeda, pray that God softens their hearts and sends Christian believers to them.