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The ancient Mali empire rose from a province of Ghana. The mining of Gold brought wealth to west Africa in the 12th and 13th century. Gold was traded to North Africa and eventually to Europe. Salt and spices were trade from the Tauregs in North Africa for Gold in west Africa. The Tauregs invaded the Mali empire which led to the rise of the Songhai empire after. West Africa  (a few centuries) later colonized by France and Mali gained independence in 1960. Mali is landlocked and much poorer today.

Mali is 88% Muslim. The population growth in Muslim families has surpassed the growth of Christianity. Mali remains one of the poorest countries in the world and much help is needed here. Only a few ethnic groups are more than 1% evangelical. There is a low literacy rate in Mali.

Praise God for the student ministries here. Praise God for the schools in Mali run by Christians. Pray that the student ministries would bear much fruit in Mali. Pray for creative ways to share bible stories orally so that people may hear. Pray that the Christian schools help  the young people learn how to read.