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The majority of Muslim migration to Europe started over 25 years ago. From 1960 to today, the decline in the church began as people have sought short-term ways of fulfillment. Europe remains the only continent where Christianity is in decline. Churches still exist across many cities from Spain to Sweden.

In the past few months, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany and other European countries have been overwhelmed with the migrants from Syria and Iraq. England and France have accepted migrants as well. The migrants had to make it safely through The Balkans to get to their destination.

Some churches have excluded foreigners. Some countries have stopped accepting migrants. This is not good because as we see in the bible, members of all countries, ethnic groups, and languages will worship Jesus at the end of the Great Commission.

The mass migration of people are leaving Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other countries because of war, poverty, and displacement.

Praise God for the churches that remain in Europe. Praise God for the missionaries that have been sent to different parts of Europe. Pray for Wisdom for churches in France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, the UK, in how they may serve migrants that are traveling through. Pray for these churches to build strong relationships with foreigners so that they may repent and become mature followers of Jesus Christ.