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It is quite rare for cyclones to reach hurricane strength in the Arabian Sea. Both Cyclone Chapala and Cyclone Megh made landfall in Yemen recently. Cyclone Chapala had 155 mph winds at its peak. Cyclone Chapala passed north of Socotra Island before making landfall just west of Al Mukalla, Yemen.  Cyclone Chapala made landfall on November 3, 2015 as an equivalent category 1 hurricane. Cyclone Megh made landfall on Socotra Island on November 9 as an equivalent category 3 hurricane before making a second landfall on November 10, 2015 as a tropical storm. Dry air from the desert weakened these storms before making landfall in Yemen. There a few reasons this is significant. The dry sandy soil and poor infrastructure can’t handle so much rain and wind in a short period of time. It is rare for cyclones to get this strong in the Arabian Sea and for 2 cyclones to make landfall in Yemen in a week in one season unheard of. Al Mukalla, Yemen is controlled by Al Qaeda.

Yemen is ranked #14 by Open Doors for how Christians are persecuted around the world. There are Christian believers in Yemen but they meet in secret. Evangelism is forbidden in Yemen. Praise God for the faith of believers in Yemen. Praise God for what he is doing in Yemen. Pray that God softens the hearts of members of Al Qaeda and Muslims in Yemen so that they may repent of their sin. Pray that bible studies will be started near major cities and universities.