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The Rakhine Mountain range acts as a climatic barrier between the Indian Subcontinent and Central Myanmar. The Irawaddy River descends out of the mountains of India and China. The majority of the population is Buddhist.

Christians were excluded from Myanmar’s national election last week. Christians have often been denied basic rights. Some Christian groups are displaced within Myanmar.

The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic group that descended from the Muslims that moved through South Asia in the 12th and 13th century. The Buddhists in Myanmar have persecuted the Rohingya as well. The Rohingya have left Myanmar by the thousands in 2015 but the people in Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia don’t want them. Only a few Christian believers exist in the Rohingya ethnic group and most have never heard the gospel.

Praise God for the faith of believers in Myanmar. Pray that God strengths the faith of Christians in Myanmar. Pray that Christians in Thailand and Southeast Asia get sent to Myanmar to witness the gospel to Buddhists and the Rohingya Muslims.