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Once owned by the Dutch and later, the British, Indonesia gained independence in 1945. Indonesia spans from the eastern point of the Indian Ocean to the West Pacific. The main islands are Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Borneo (which is also shared by Malaysia and Brunei), and Papua (which is shared by Papua New Guinea). Most of the territory is near the Equator. Many smaller islands exist.

Indonesia has the largest muslim population at over 200 million. Most have never heard the gospel. Some of the ethnic groups on the smaller islands don’t have the bible in their language.

It’s hard to be a Christian here as persecution is on the rise. Sharia Law was recently declared in Aceh Province in northern Sumatra. Muslims in Aceh Province and in other parts of Indonesia have demanded the government to deny permits to build churches and tear down the churches that already exist. Despite this, the Church in Indonesia continues to grow and people come to accept Jesus every day.

El Nino has started which causes cooler waters on the West Pacific and drought is taking place in Southeast Asia. Wildfires have been purposely set by corporations in the Palm oil industry. They want to make plantations to support the production of Palm oil. This could lead to hundreds more people living under $2 a day. Singapore and Malaysia have told Indonesia to do something.

Pray for businesses to be held accountable for their corruption. Pray for people to be rescued from slavery and conditions under $2 a day.

Praise God for the growth of the church in Indonesia. Praise God for those that have put their faith in Jesus. Praise God for those that live their lives for Jesus Christ. Pray for more bible translators to be sent to the smaller islands of Indonesia. Pray for bible studies and fellowships to start and thrive near universities. Pray for leaders to be raised up to lead new believers.