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Russia spans from the Eastern Europe to Siberia. The Czars ruled Russia from the 12th century to just before World War I. Russia left the War because a revolution started. The communists promised a better economy and jobs. It was prohibited to follow any religion during communist rule. The fall of the Berlin Wall and Communism brought an open door to the gospel to Russia and Eastern Europe. Still problems remain to church growth among Russians and other ethnic groups.

Outreach and evangelism is needed in the Caucasus Mountains. The Caucasus Mountain range run from Turkey to Russia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Russian provinces of Muslim dominance include North Ossetia, Dagestan, and Chechnya.

Small and mid-sized ethnic groups in Siberia in Eastern Russia don’t know Jesus because they don’t have the bible in their language. Bible translation is needed in Siberia so that these peoples can experience joy in believing Jesus.

Praise God for the growth of the church in Russia. Pray for Russian Churches to be committed to the Bible and to not stray away from God. Praise God for the faith of believers in Russia. Pray for Russian Christians to build relationships with foreigners. Pray for Russian Churches to send missionaries to North Ossetia, Dagestan, and Chechnya. Pray for churches to be planted in this Muslim region soon. Pray for Bible Translation organizations to send teams to Siberia to live among those without scripture in their language.