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Outreach and evangelism to the Hui Muslims has increased. Although some Muslims have repented and accepted Jesus, the lack of leadership remains in seeing a breakthrough in this ethnic group.

Pray for leaders to be raised up among the Hui to lead new Hui believers and witness to Muslims there.


Christian Persecution has increased greatly in Eastern China. The Chinese government hasn’t stopped Christians from meeting in worship. After more crosses taken off of churches and other churches have been destroyed, Han Chinese Christians have made their own crosses and held secret bible studies inside their homes. It has been great to see churches in Eastern China send Chinese missionaries to inland China. Some towns and cities experienced churches being started and more Han Chinese accepting Christ. The Chinese government hasn’t stopped Christians from worshipping and studying the Bible.

Praise God for the growth of the Chinese Churches and faith of believers. Pray that bibles in Chinese will continue to be distributed through inland China.


More Buddhists have left Buddhism for Christianity. Buddhist families in Tibet have offered money to them to return to Buddhism but they declined. They have been excommunicated from their families. Secret bible studies have started inside Lhasa and throughout Tibet. The church in Tibet is still small and outreach to all Buddhist ethnic groups is needed.

Praise God for the Church in Tibet. Praise God for the faith of believers in Tibet despite the persecution there. Pray the Tibetan Churches to send missionaries to other Buddhist ethnic groups in Tibet and central China. Pray for churches and bible studies to be started there as well.