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As the world’s youngest nation came to be in 2011, South Sudan has not been short of challenges. South Sudan is still a country in transition.

The Dinka and Nuer ethnic groups have been fighting in a Civil War in South Sudan. The Nuer have held land for farming and grazing. The Dinka and Nuer have disagreed over territory. Cattle have been lost and farmland destroyed. People are living in famine.

Around 2/3 claim to be Christian, although some may be nominal in the church. Islam is growing at a slow rate and ethnoreligious tribal groups do not have the bible in their language. The war could cause many to die or as many as 6 million could leave as refugees in other countries. The churches in Africa have a tremendous opportunity to serve Christians and unbelievers.

Praise God for the church in South Sudan. Praise God for the faith and believers in South Sudan.

Pray for Christians to be sent into South Sudan to serve the muslims and share the gospel with them. Pray for open doors for the bible translators for ethnic groups that don’t have it in their language. Pray that Churches in African countries accept those that leave South Sudan. Pray that those that leave South Sudan will gain open minds and ears to hear the gospel so that one day they may Praise Jesus Christ as their lord. Pray for God to revive the land for farming and grazing so people can work the land and have food to eat.