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On January 22, 1973, Abortion became legal by the US Supreme Court. On June 26, 2015,  Gay Marriage became legal by the US Supreme Court.


In 2014, 23 Universities in California derecognized Campus Ministries forcing them off campus. Some univeristies in the United States have refused Christians entry for their Christian faith. Christian bakeries and christian photographers have been sued for not allowing services for same-sex marriages.

Praise God for the faith of students in the US. Pray that Christian students are allowed access to the school of their choice. Pray that these students do well in their classes.

Christian parents care more about their kids doing well in sports than seeing them have salvation by believing in Jesus. (source Focus on the Family)   Pray that Christian parents spend quality time with their kids by reading the bible with them. Pray that Christian parents share the gospel with their kids and neighbors.

There are several ethnic groups in or near US cities that have never heard about Jesus. More than 250,000 from Somalia live near the Minneapolis-St.Paul metro area. I heard earlier this year that Akron, Ohio will accept a group of people from eastern Europe sometime in 2015. Yemeni Arabs live in Dearborn, Michigan. Some churches have accepted the call to serve foreigners nearby while others have yet to. While some may be called to go overseas, we have a opportunities already to serve foreigners here, build relationships with them that may lead to sharing the gospel. In some situations, this type of ministry may prepare Christians for life overseas.

Praise God for the foreigners that have come to the United States. Praise God for the opportunities of ministry that come. Pray for Christians throughout the United States to serve those from other countries. Pray that Christians in this ministry will bear much fruit. Pray that sometime in the near future that bible studies will be started in commuinities of foreigners.

Praise God for the churches and Christian leaders throughout the United States. Praise God for the faith of Christians in the United States. Pray churches do not stray away from the Bible. Pray for churches to have sound doctrine. Pray for wisdom for Pastors and Christian leaders throught this country. Pray for Christians to share the gospel in every community in this country. Pray that Christian business owners would be strong in their faith despite persecution.