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This land we now know as “Afghanistan” was once controlled by major empires from Alexander the Great of Greece/Macedonia or Genghis Khan of Mongolia. When the Soviet Union/USSR was controlling parts of central Asia, Afghanistan was created as a buffer zone between British South Asia and the USSR. British South Asia broke up after World War II and now are Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. After many civil wars, this country is still in poverty. The country is still in transition after the Taliban is no longer in power.

One of the major exports is opium. The Illegal drug trade from Afghanistan to Europe, South America, and North America is still huge.

Evangelical Christianity is growing at 14% year over year in Afghanistan! Praise God.

A growing number of believers meet in house churches or bible studies in India. Any Christian believers in Afghanistan ether meet secretly or are persecuted. The Bible is available in the Pashtu and Dari languages.

Praise God for Bibles available in Dari and Pashtu
Praise God for growing number of Afghan believers meeting in India
Praise God for any Christians willing meet in Afghanistan. Pray for Afghan believers to witness to their neighbors and across ethnic lines in both India and Afghanistan.