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Yemen is located south of Saudi Arabia on Arabian Peninsula. Once known for the Queen of Sheba who visited Solomon or the people who created Algebra are still longing for something else. A few civil wars and the catastrophe of the Somali Civil War of 1991 has left constant conflict. The waters between Yemen and Somalia make travel difficult. Yemen’s President resigned this past week. At over 99% Muslim, the country does not have a functioning government currently.

The Christians in Yemen remain very few. There is strong opposition to Christian evangelism. Despite this, more people are coming to Christ. They worship and gather for bible studies secretly.

Praise God for the growth among the Church in Yemen

Pray for their faith to Grow and new believers to be discipled to maturity. Pray for Christian missionaries to be sent to Yemen and the gospel to be proclaimed throughout the country.

Pray for those traveling from Somalia to Yemen to have safe travels and hear the gospel once they get there. Pray for Christians to witness and help Somali refugees.

The people want a better leader. Pray that those hearing the gospel will find hope in Jesus Christ. Pray for a good transition of leadership to the next President.