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Chhattisgarh is a province in south central India. Hinduism is dominant in this province at over 94%. Since last year’s election Bharatiya Janata Party, a Hindu political party,  Christian persecution has increased especially in Chhattisgarh. A church in the small town of Mahota was attacked. Christians have been denied food and water. There has been strong opposition to Christian evangelism and outreach. Yet, many in Chhattisgarh have never heard the gospel. This province remains mostly rural and underdeveloped. Dalits and tribal make up most of the population. These people are poor and uneducated.

Audio and films are most effective tools for evangelism. The growth of house churches are increasing.

Pray for the gospel to spread through suffering. Pray for those that are currently being persecuted. Pray for them to be strong in their faith. Pray for the churches there to use their resources effectively for helping the poor and sharing the gospel with poor. Pray that the gospel gets shared with Hindus persecuting the church.

Praise God for recent people accepting Christ here albeit small.