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Both the provinces of Karnataka and Maharashtra are over 80% Hindu. There are many ethnic groups on the southwest coast of India that have yet to still hear the gospel. Bangalore is a fast growing IT center with many job opportunities. Mumbai is the industrial and commercial center of India. There is a large muslim population there.

Karnataka is still less than 2% Christian and Christian witness there is in great need. The province of Maharashtra is also less than 2% Christian. Mumbai is 4% Christian yet hundreds of churches exist there.

The major cities of Bangalore and Mumbai have great needs. Although there are several hundred thousand that have moved out of poverty in the last generation, most of the population still lives in slums. These cities have thousands come in each year because of human trafficking and the sex trade. There are groups working on rescuing children and women from the sex trade and bringing those taking part in these crimes to justice. Progress is being made but much is still yet to be done.

Pray that Christians from different ethnic groups will unite in worshiping God and  advancing the gospel.

Praise God for the progress being made rescuing people from human trafficking. Pray for the work being done rescuing women from the sex trade and bringing people to justice. Pray for the cooperation of law enforcement and justice NGOs to make this happen.

Pray that the churches use their resources for helping the poor in the slums and sharing the gospel with them.