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Ebola has affected 6 countries. These countries are Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. No new cases have been found in Senegal and Nigeria.

There is a different strain of Ebola that had a few cases in Democratic Republic of the Congo. That is unrelated to the Ebola strain in West Africa. This being noted here so people are not confused.

There are children orphaned by Ebola. There are children that have lost one or two parents. It is possible that nobody is helping them.

Christian missionaries and bible translators are actively working to reach Muslims or Tribal populations that don’t have the bible in their language. Christian workers are working to reach the muslims in Guinea. Guinea is over 85% Muslim.

Pray for the churches in west Africa to help the orphans.
Pray that God would protect those translating the Bible and reaching Muslims from Ebola and other diseases
Pray that God would give these people things they need to help finish the task
Pray for the Christians actively working to reach Muslims and that their ministry would be fruitful