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For those that have read this post, read : https://encounteringjesusandhismission.wordpress.com/2014/10/31/muslims-in-china-part-1/

The term Uyghur can refer to different meanings depending on the term. Today, Uyghurs are an ethnic group in Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous province in northwestern China. Uyghurs are also a large ethnic group in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.


Nestorians originally worked in Central asia for a hundred years. By the 12th century, many had been baptised. In the 14th century, they turned to islam.

The Swedish Missionary Society started work to reach them in 1892. A few hundred believers came by 1930. They were killed in 1933 for converting to Christianity.

Although Han Chinese Christians are growing Xinjiang, they don’t have a desire to reach the Uyghur. There’s two small Uyghur fellowships in China today.

A few hundred Uyghur now live in the US and Australia

Recently Oil and Natural Gas deposits have been found in Xinjiang province.

Praise God for the Uyghurs that believe in Jesus

Pray that Uyghur believers boldly proclaim God’s word in Xinjiang province
Pray that Han Chinese churches in China and Kazakh Churches in Kazakhstan send missionaries to work to reach the

Pray that Christians in western nations witness to those living abroad

Pray that money gained from energy resources will be used for good