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Arab traders traveled to China in search of wealth in the 7th-8th centuries. In the 12th-13th centuries, the Mongols had them in their Army. Long ago, many were artisans, scholars, officials, and religious leaders. Around a million of them were massacred between 1855 and 1873. Today these are known as the Hui.

The Hui number around 14 million in China. Almost all are Sunni Muslim. The Hui are scattered throughout China. In 1958, the Chinese government separated a territory from Gansu province to create Ningxia Hui Autonomous region. An “autonomous region” in China is a province designated for a large minority.

Han Chinese Christians have established a few churches in Ningxia Hui province, but few have a goal to reach them with the gospel. The Hui are also successful businessman in China’s largest cities today but they live separate lives from the Han Chinese.

Praise God for the growth among the Han Chinese churches

Pray for God to break cultural barriers that prevent the Hui from believing

Pray that Han Chinese churches use their resources to reach the Hui

Pray that the few believers among the Hui will share the good news with their families, neighbors, and co-workers