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During World War II, the Korean Peninsula was controlled by Japan. From influence by Russia, Korea was split into North Korea and South Korea in 1945. The border remains around the 38th parallel. A Communist Dictatorship was established in North Korea and a Republic based on Capitalism started in South Korea.

Fearing the spread of Communism, the Korean Civil War lasted from 1950-1953. The 38th parallel remains one of the most fortified borders in the world. North Korea has been known for its nuclear tests. North Korea’s Kim Jong Il passed away on December 17, 2011. The Dictatorship was passed down to Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un has disappeared temporarily but recently appeared with a cane and a broken knee/leg.

Christian persecution is very severe. 1 out of 10 confession Jesus Christ are martyred and the others are in concentration camps doing forced labor. Those who managed to escape went to China or South Korea.

Millions in North Korea are malnourished and oppressed.

For the first time, God is opening the door for many to be served and the door to open for missionaries.

There are a few secret churches in North Korea but very few still.

Pray for new freedoms to be given to people of North Korea

Pray for the Han Chinese, South Korean, and American missionaries working to reach the lost with the gospel. Pray for the sick ,the orphans, and those that are malnourished.

Pray for encouragement for those that are being persecuted for believing in Jesus

The people of South Korea are falling to increased materialism, sex industry, and suicide. The media and pop culture are often demoralizing.

After World War II and the Korean War, many American soldiers stayed behind to reach South Korea with the gospel. Today, South Korean Christians go to churches and stadiums to Pray in large groups between 4am and 7am before work.  Christians gather in groups to pray to God 4-6 days a week.

Praise God for such growth

Praise God for so many that pray during the week

Pray for South Koreans to grow up in homes that are biblical Christian homes

Pray for the churches to influence the media in a biblical way.

Pray for the unification of South Korea and North Korea

Pray for sound doctrine for the churches in South Korea