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A low birthrate in Japan is causing the population to drop. A large group of people getting older, they need to be supported by those that are working. Young people often wonder they exist. The suicide rate is the highest among industrialized nations at 2000-2500 a month.

There are ministries working to reach college students with the gospel but many don’t stay believers.

Natural disasters are frequent. The 9.0 earthquake in 2011 led to a tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear explosion. Japan’s Mt. Ontake erupted on September 27, 2014 killing around 50. Typhoons and tropical storms have brought heavy rains and winds in 2014 especially. Typhoon Vongfong is forecasted to either make landfall or brush the coast as an equivalent Category 5 hurricane later this week.

The Japanese are still to be known as the most resilient peoples on Earth.

The Japanese are still one of largest unreached peoples by the gospel.

Pray that Typhoon Vongfang gets diverted or weakens.

Many cities and towns still do not have a church. Pray that indigenous Japanese Christians get sent to establish churches where Jesus name is yet to be heard.

Pray for the churches and ministries working to reach adolescent and college students to bear much fruit. Pray that new disciples become mature in their faith.

Pray that the gospel is boldly proclaimed throughout Japan.