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Thailand has been mostly a kingdom since the 1300s and it was never colonized by a western nation. A military coup ousted the Prime Minister in 2006 creating political instability up until 2008. The ruling coalition was taken out on charges of election fraud. Another military coup ousted the king on May 22, 2014 and rice sales were banned until late June.

Freedom of religion is guaranteed. Freedom of religion was expanded in 1998 but all-religious groups still have to be legally recognized.

The two biggest cities are Bangkok on the coast and Chiang Mai in the north. These two cities are often known for tourism and the sex trade. It was recently that many have been rescued from the sex trade and “She’s worth more” posters are posted throughout Chiang Mai. American Christian missionaries have had a positive impact on the tourist industry slowing down the sex trade. Bangkok and Chiang Mai both are still over 95% Buddhist. Wycliffe, SIL, Cru/Campus Crusades for Christ, plus many more ministries and churches have opened their offices in Chiang Mai. With a light for the gospel having access to the 10/40 window, there is hope that many people groups will hear about Jesus soon.

Praise God for the freedoms people have and praise him for what he is doing.

When the larger cities and larger people groups get reached with the gospel, then they can evangelize the smaller groups and small towns.

The biggest unreached groups are Khmer, Lao, Thai, Karen, Malay, and Vietnamese.

Pray for more Christian workers to go out to reach them.