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The Nestorians first brought Christianity to China around 450 AD. There was another time during Genghis Khan’s Mongol Empire that Christianity came (after 1250 AD). Unfortunately, there was not lasting fruit during those times. There is archaeological evidence mentioning Jesus in ancient Chinese texts from those times.

China had to wait another 700-900 years to have a lasting impact in Christian missions. It was from 1850-1950 that British and American missionaries planted the seeds of the gospel during the 1st and 2nd missionary movements to reach the unreached.

In the early 20th century, China had a Civil War.This fight was between the Communist Party and the Nationalist party. This war was over political ideas. The Nationalists fled to Taiwan to establish Democracy. That war stopped when Japan invaded China during WW II. At the end of WW II, Japan was forced to give up territory.

Around 1950, the Chinese government told the Christian missionaries, “What you have tried to accomplish in 100 years, we did in 10 with the printing press”.

On June 3-4, 1989, the Tiananmen Square protests occurred. Students and professionals the government oppression. The Chinese government killed many protesters and put several journalists in prison. It was at the event at Tiananmen Square that inspired protests and civil unrest in eastern Europe against Russia. Tiananmen Square was a pivotal turning point in Chinese Christian history. After Tiananmen Square, the younger generations realized they could not put their full trust in the government so they looked for truth elsewhere. Since then, many Han Chinese have come to know Jesus and many churches have been planted.

The most recent church growth is a result of Christian persecution.

The height of Christian persecution has been in Zhejiang province. Zhejiang province is on the coast south of Shanghai. Over 200 crosses have been removed and over 60 churches have been destroyed by the government. There was a situation a few months ago that around 2000 Han Chinese Christians stood outside a church to prevent it from being taken down. Pastors and evangelists are imprisoned for their faith in many provinces. God used those imprisoned to share the gospel with other people. Through this, Chinese even in prison have come to know Jesus.

There are still cities and towns among the Han Chinese that have yet to hear about Jesus.

Pray for Christians in Zhejiang and other provinces to stay committed to Jesus even when it is hard. Pray for the Han Chinese Christians that are being persecuted.

Pray that God raises up believers among the Han Chinese to go to the cities and towns that have yet to hear. Pray that God gives them ears to hear his word.