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First, let’s go over what caused this. The northeast trade winds are between the Equatorial low and the subtropical High. During the Summer, the Equatorial Low is slightly north of the Equator which brings heavy rains to south Asia. During the Winter, the Equatorial Low is slightly south of the Equator which allows the subtropical High to reside near the Himalayas. The subtropical High brings mostly dry weather during the winter to south Asia.

The Summer monsoons have caused especially heavy rains this year to northern India and southern Nepal. Flooding and landslides have led to 22,000 losing their homes and 180 or more have lost their lives. Many are trapped without shelter and supplies. Farmers and Ranchers have taken some losses this season. Livestock has been lost in the floods.

Pray for the dalits and lower castes in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar provinces. Pray for those in southern Nepal as well.

Pray that God would lead the floodwaters to recede.

Pray that God would help rescue efforts and spare lives.

Pray that through relief efforts, God would give opportunities share the Gospel with Hindus and Muslims.