United States update


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The current divisions in this country have been created by political opposition and societal divides. Families across the country have cancelled holiday plans over political disagreements. There has been numerous protests in major cities across the country being against the results of the 2016 Presidential election. On November 8, 2016; Americans went to the polls to vote in the local, state, and national elections. The American people elected Donald Trump. There are separate protests going on in North Dakota protesting the pipeline. The pipeline is set to go through native American lands.

The ongoing drought in California is in it’s 5th year. There is also other droughts in Southeast and Northeast areas of the United States. Wildfires are ongoing in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. Rivers and wells are running low in southern Maine, southern New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.  Rivers and wells are running low in California as well.

It has been good to see Churches in San Diego, California; Columbus, Ohio; and Minneapolis, Minnesota serving refugees.

Praise God for churches helping refugees. Pray that God raises up churches all across the United States to welcome immigrants North Africa and the Middle East. Pray that God gives people from Libya, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan ears to hear the gospel. Pray for these people to turn from their sin to trust in Jesus Christ for the rest of their life.

Pray that God helps Christians love their co-workers, friends, and family members. Pray that God helps believers be a witness to every community.

Pray for God’s will in times of division.

Pray that God brings beneficial rain to California and Southeast US.

It has been great to see many Christians sing worship in New York City in Times Square. Praise God for this!



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The Philippines is a island nation southeast of China and north of Malaysia. There are three separate states or regions. These are the northern island of Luzon, the Visayas in the center, and the island of Mindanao in the south. The Visayas are a group of islands. Located in the ring of fire in the Pacific Ocean, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are frequent here. Typhoons hit the Philippines every year.

Catholicism is dominant. There are Muslims scattered throughout the Philippines but most live on the island of Mindanao. There are tribal groups that do not have the gospel in their language in the Visayas.

Pray for the isolated tribal groups that God sends Christian missionaries to live among them and translate the bible for them. Pray that these people groups will know Jesus their savior soon.

There has been some effort to reach Muslims in the Philippines but it has been slow. Pray that Christians in the Philippines show love to the Muslims there. Pray that God softens the hearts of Muslims and that they may repent soon.

Typhoon Sarika made landfall on October 15th on the northern part of Luzon. Typhoon Haima made landfall on the northern part of Luzon on October 19th. Typhoon Haima left $6.9Billion in damages to agriculture. The intense rainfall from Typhoon Haima caused many rice fields to be damaged as rice farmers sustained the most losses from the storm.

Pray for aid to continue to go to the northern part of Luzon. Pray that Christian aid relief workers share the gospel with the people they help.





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Bahrain is comprised of islands to the east of Saudi Arabia. Formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, the UK gained Administrative Control over Bahrain in 1918. Bahrain gained independence in 1971. By improving the Diplomacy between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, a bridge was finished connecting the two nations in 1986. The bridge between the two nations is called the King Fahd Causeway.

Bahrain enjoys more freedoms than most of the Middle East.

Bahrain was the first to discover oil in the Middle East and will be the first to deplete it.

As the Arab Spring spread across the Middle East, the people of Bahrain in 2011 requested an end of the persecution of Shi’a Muslims by the Sunni Royal family. Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates sent troops to crush the protests.

Although Bahrain allows foreign expatriates to meet in churches, proselytizing to Muslims is forbidden. There are some Muslims who sought out the Bible and Christian literature on the internet.

Praise God for the freedoms in Bahrain. Praise God for allowing to meet in church. Pray for Bibles and Christian literature to be distributed in Bahrain. Pray that foreign expatriate Believers to share the gospel with people they work with and government leaders as well. Pray that Christians may be a light for the gospel in Bahrain. Pray for fellowships to be started among the Arabs soon.



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Djibouti is located in Horn of Africa along the coast between Eritrea and Somalia. Djibouti is economically strategically located along busy shipping lanes between the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Indian  Ocean. Friendly geopolitics between Ethiopia and Djibouti has allowed a railroad to built between Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Djibouti City, Djibouti. Agriculture is limited as the land is 4% Arable. The majority of the economy is shipping and nomadic herding.

The Issa and Afar ethnic groups are the main people groups in Djibouti with other minorities in the country. The Afar and Issa ethnic groups are mostly Muslim  with little outreach to them. Ethiopian Orthodox churches exist but proselytizing to Muslims is Prohibited. Djibouti is 97% Muslim and has been since the 7th Century. Leaving Islam results in persecution.


Praise God for the believers in Djibouti. Pray for evangelization of the Afar and Issa Muslims to begin soon and that the first churches may be started among these people groups in 2016. Pray for unity in the church as it seeks to serves the communities. Pray that the gospel be boldly proclaimed throughout Djibouti.



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After Typhoon Nepartak made landfall in Taiwan on July 7th, another landfall will be made in Fijian Province in Mainland China. Electricity was cut off to over 400,000 people in Taiwan.  More heavy downpours expected as the storm moves inland in China.

The provincial government in Zhejiang Province has now forced churches to give the tithes to the government.

Praise God for the faith of Christians in China. Pray that God softens the hearts of people in the government of Zhejiang that they may repent and become believers in Jesus.

Pray for the Churches in Taiwan as they recover from Typhoon Nepartak. Pray that as churches in Taiwan provide relief, that the gospel spreads to many people.


The Middle East


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The region known as the Middle East stretches from Egypt to Iran, includes all of the Arabian Peninsula, and extends north to Turkey. Different countries and empires have controlled this land over the past 3,500 years including the Babylonians, Safavids, Sassanids, Seleucids, Persians, Macedonians, and the Ottoman Empire. After World War I, the Ottoman Empire was reduced to what we now know as modern-day Turkey. During World War I, the United Kingdom and France (with the consent of Russia) entered into the Stykes-Picot Agreement which gave them control and autonomy over the unstable Ottoman Empire.

The Agreement led to the modern-day geopolitical political boundaries that we now know as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, and Palestine/Israel. President Dwight D Eisenhower helped bring the Jews back to their homeland of Israel in 1948. After the 6-day war in 1967, Israel’s borders were extended. There was another war between Lebanon and Israel in 2006.

The Arab Spring wich started in Tunisia in 2010 as protests and revolts against the governments has spread across North Africa and the Middle East. Since then, there have been many movements of Muslims coming to repentance throughout North Africa and the Middle East. As muslims have became indifferent with Islam and their governments, they have sought faith in Jesus Christ.

Praise God for whole families, individuals, and groups of people in the Middle East that have put faith in Jesus Christ in recent years. Praise God for the growth of the church in recent years. Pray that bibles would be distributed throughout the Middle East. Pray for the spread of the gospel in this region. Pray that in times of Persecution, that God would help Christians grow in their faith.

The areas to watch are :  Israel/Palestine, Iran/ Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria and the newest one is ISIS.



President Benjamin Netanyahu is currently seeking peace with Arab neighbors. Pray that peace is successful.

Months after 2 cyclones make landfall in Yemen, the civil war, and now locusts destroying crops causing millions to be in famine, there is much prayer needs for this country.

Continue to pray for the war and poverty-stricken country of Yemen. Praise God for the few believers in Yemen. Pray for stability and Peace in Yemen.






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Somalia is on the east coast of Africa. Djibouti borders Somalia on the north, Ethiopia to the west, and Kenya to the south. Yemen is on the other side of the sea. Somalia has 2 parts, Somaliland which is the northern half, and puntland which is the southern half. Somaliland is more stable and has more freedoms than puntland. Puntland has had much war, violence, and people wanting more power. Somalia is known to be the most failed state in the world due to instability. The terrorist group Al-shabaab has made attacks in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

Praise God for the few Christians that are in Somalia. Praise God for the Christians that meet together in secret. Pray for Christian believers to grow in their faith. Pray for Somali believers to share ther their faith with their families. Pray that members of Al-Shabab hear the gospel and repent. Praise God for the forgiveness of persecuted Christians in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.







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Nigeria has a divide between the Christian south and Muslim north. After failed policies by the previous President Goodluck Jonathan by not being able to deal with the threat of Boko Haram, Muhammadu Buhari was elected President.

The attacks by Boko Haram have led to instability. One of the main beliefs behind the group Boko Haram is that Western Education is sin. Boko Haram has destroyed at least 2,000 schools. Boko Haram has left a few thousand children malnourished. Some members of the Hausa, Fulani, and Kanuri ethnic groups are members of Boko Haram. It has been known that if the Hausa and Fulani are reached with the gospel, that most of the West and Central Africa could be reached as well. The Hausa and Fulani languages are trade languages that other ethnic groups speak as well and can be used as a bridge to the gospel.

Open Doors has reported the killing of Christians has been up 67% in 1 year.

There is a plan by the newly elected leader to move the capital of Nigeria from Abuja to Maidjuri in order to help push back Boko Haram. The Catholic and evangelical churches in Maidjuri remain at risk to be either destroyed or believers of increased persecution.

There are strong churches in southern Nigeria. The Yoruba and Igbo ethnic groups have high evangelical numbers.

Praise God for strong Christian churches in Southern Nigeria. Praise God for christians in Nigeria. Praise God for the faith of the Yoruba and Igbo ethnic groups in Southern Nigeria. Praise God for the few Christians in the north. Pray that Christians would be sent to reach the Hausa and Fulani in Northern Nigeria as few are trying to reach them. Pray for a growing hunger to know Jesus among the Hausa, Fulani,  and even some of the smaller tribes as well. Pray that God pushes back the forces of evil. Pray that plans that Boko Haram has may thwarted. Pray for some members of Boko Haram to hear the gospel soon.




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Libya was controlled by Italy during World War II and got independence  in 1951. The Arab Spring left many Muslims wanting stability and some seeking Jesus. Libya is a failed state as a result of taking Muammar Gaddafi out of power. Taking him out of power has resulted in different groups controlling areas of Libya. Not one group controls a majority of Libya. ISIS now controls 160 miles of coastline of Libya and is gaining ground.

There’s more on praying for Libya in the link below. (just a reference though)

Pray for Libya: Monday, February 15th

Praise God for people in ministry near universities. Pray for the people that are reading the Bible but haven’t come to belief yet. Pray for peace.

The Tauregs and Berbers remain unreached by the gospel. The Berbers have a complete bible in their language. The Tauregs have portions of the Bible in their language. Pray for churches to be started among the Berbers in Libya. Pray for the bible to be completed in the Taureg language. Since some of the Tauregs have joined Al Qaeda, pray that God softens their hearts and sends Christian believers to them.



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Eritrea lies along the coast in the horn of Africa. Sudan borders Eritrea to the west. Djibouti and Ethiopia border Eritrea to the south. Across the sea is Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Eritrea broke away from Ethiopia in 1991 after a war. The majority of people in Eritrea practice Islam.

The number of people seeking asylum in Europe has grown in the past 3-5 years. Eritrea is a strong opponent to Human Rights which is one of the main reasons leading to the mass exodus. Human rights lawyers and activists are frequently sent to prison in Eritrea. Speaking out against the government of Eritrea can lead to being sent to prison. Although there are some traditional jails in the country, most prisoners are being kept in shipping containers in the Desert heat. Being a Christian in Eritrea or converting from Islam to a domination of Christianity that is not protected by the government can lead to being sent to prison.

Missionaries and foreign aid workers have been banned since 2002. Christians are either forced to leave or doing work in secret to share the gospel.

Students are eager to evangelize their peers. Christian radio broadcasts come in to Eritrea from countries nearby but some work has been shut down.

There are nomadic ethnic groups in the southeast such as the Afar Muslims. The Afar Muslims are in Ethiopia and Djibouti as well. Somali and others which are found in east African nations. Reaching these peoples could be key to reaching them in Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Somalia. The Tigre are majority Muslim.


Praise God for the Christians that remain behind to do ministry. Praise God for the faith of believers that meet secretly. Pray that radio broadcasts may be allowed to come into Eritrea again. Pray that people may get beyond blocked internet pages so that they may read the gospel and Christian literature. Pray that student ministries will bear fruit in Eritrea.